Boudoir is tasteful photography that is sensual, intimate, feminine and occasionally daring.  While there are many reasons for doing a Boudoir photo shoot -- celebrate a special time in a woman's life, capture the sensuality of simply being female or rediscover the sexiness that often eludes women in the rush of a busy life -- the most important reason is to do it for yourself.  Boudoir is a unique and very personal gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come, whether the gift is for yourself or to be shared with someone special.  

"I Don't Think I'd Look Good In Boudoir"... Almost every woman, regardless of age, believes there is something about her appearance that is not attractive.  However, the truth is that we are our own worst critics; we simply do not see ourselves as others see us.  Boudoir is an incredible self-esteem and confidence booster as it helps women of any age to see the beauty and sensuality they believe may no longer exist.  Sensuality and sexiness are a state of mind, not a condition of age or body.  Boudoir photographers have the unique skill set needed to not only capture a woman's beauty and sensuality, but to blend artistry with vision to create portraits that are truly sensual, flattering and tasteful.

Retouching... Proofs are not retouched but retouching is included with images selected from the session.  Retouching, sometimes called airbrushing, is typically used to remove or minimize blemishes with the intent of enhancing the overall appeal of an image.  Retouching is done with care to insure that images do not look edited and that skin looks natural.  However, each woman decides for herself if she wants her images retouched or left natural.  

"But I'm Not A Model"... Professional models know how to step into a role; that's what they are paid to do.  Non-professionals need to have their own personality, their own sensuality and sexiness, come out in the photography.  They need to be themselves, not someone else. They are the women next door, wives, mothers, friends, co-workers... the women that we encounter everyday in life.  Each woman is uniquely guided throughout her session so that each pose will show her at her best.  It's not necessary to spend hours at the gym before your Boudoir session; just be yourself and together we will create beautiful and sensual portraits.

'I Just Know I'll Be Nervous"... Every woman says much the same thing as almost everyone gets nervous, or at least uncomfortable, when a camera is pointed in their direction, but more so for Boudoir due to posing in lingerie.  It is important to remember that your session will be fun, even a little liberating.  Boudoir is about being sensual and suggestive and are the main reasons women wear lingerie for their session.  Lingerie can totally cover, be a bit transparent, or even peek-a-boo to meet individual expectations and comfort, from conservative to daring.  And the truth is that the nervousness will quickly fade as you discover how much you are enjoying your session. 

Clothing... Women should bring lingerie that they feel sexy and beautiful in -- maybe even a little scandalous!  Bra and panty sets, thongs, corsets, bustiers, teddies, baby dolls, gloves, stockings, stiletto heals, tank tops, boy shorts, button down shirts and sweaters, robe -- all are popular, and for good reason.  Lace and sheer are always great choices.  Think sensual rather than utilitarian.  Consider at least three to five (or more) complete changes.  

Privacy is a concern due to the intimate nature of Boudoir sessions.  All Boudoir images are kept in strict confidence and images are never shown without written permission.  Unless otherwise requested, all images not selected for editing are deleted.  Standards:  Honesty - Integrity - Professionalism.

Boudoir sessions are never rushed or timed so don't hesitate to explore multiple clothing options.  This might be a good time to freshen lingerie, especially if not in the best of condition or fit as well as it once did.  Your lover will appreciate your new and beautiful lingerie, especially if used for your Boudoir session.  Valley Portraits maintains a selection of sensual lingerie that women are welcome to use to supplement what they bring to their session. 

Please note that Boudoir images shown on this web site are of models and non-models who have given permission.

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